Julie Cole: (702) 202-4941
and (949) 813-4972


"My design philosophy: The field of interior design is one of enrichment; enhancing quality of life. My personal philosophy is to create an ambience that begins the moment you step foot into your space. It’s essential to me to individualize my client’s needs and desires, and to create their dream home."

Our Mission

To take the project’s objectives and elevate them to their highest potential, while maximizing our client’s dollars.


To incorporate our design so that it complements the architecture along with targeting the appropriate market in such a manner that the design is appealing to the consumer.


To incorporate our design so that it complements the residence while engaging the senses and persona of the client with a harmonious effect.

We do all of this through

our close attention to detail in the creative, contractual, and technical processes, which includes understanding and clarifying the client’s goals and desires. We then follow by encompassing these desires into our design process, ensuing in an accurate representation of the project vision.


  • Full Turn-Key Installations
  • High Rise Specialists
  • Project Programming
  • Design Specifications
  • Space Planning
  • Scale Drawings
  • Furniture Selections
  • Fabric Selections
  • Window and Wall Coverings
  • Consulting
  • Project Supervision
  • Design Concept Development
  • Color Coordination and Selection
  • Flooring
  • Supervision of Remodeling Projects